When browing the website it is hard to appreciate the high quality of my jewellery  when they are priced so reasonably! I find it best to actually show people my wares at house sales.

House sales are great fun as there is the opportunity for your friends to escape the hassle of parking and searching for that elusive creation to match their latest outfit and they have the chance to bring along  their broken pieces and for them to be redesigned or mended  over a cup of coffee!

More importantly your friends can feel, see the true colour and try on so that it is exactly the right length and size to suit them.

Lovely scarves and handbags too and lots of pieces that are not on the website.

The hostess gets a free necklace as a thank you as well as 10% of my takings to the charity of her choice. (She will get a thank you letter from them) there is a good cause attached!

Please get in touch with me by telephone or email or use the box on the website. It is checked regularly.

I also travel to Scotland so if you have a friend on the way north who you think might be interested in holding a House Sale please put her in touch with me and I will be delighted to show my wares to her friends too.


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Lots of bright new ideas and creations for
exciting different presents!


 I repair broken necklaces and bracelets, lengthen, shorten, remodel and
make bespoke pieces to match your outfit.