About Me

My name is Catriona Godson and I started making jewellery six years ago after friends  had lost luggage and jewellery they cared about. My idea was to create fun holiday pieces that no-one would cry over! - and I try to keep them all under £40.
I have huge fun hunting, finding, matching and making and hope you will enjoy wearing my creations.
Most beaded necklaces are individual and I will not be able to repeat them. I can lengthen or shorten any necklace before sending it to you if you let me know the correct measurement that you like.
I am happy to create a bespoke piece to match your new outfit or favourite cardigan - just send me a colour swatch,
bead or button that matches the colour - and a description of what you would like.
I also create bridesmaids necklaces - a nice gift for them to keep to remind them of a happy day!
I mend, rewire, replace and redesign. Those market purchases you made in far off destinations that are strung on cheap string?
- just send them to me along with the broken ones lying at the back of your drawer! I charge £10 an hour plus any new bits and pieces. I don’t restring pearls but know someone who does.

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Thank you

Lots of bright new ideas and creations for
exciting different presents!


 I repair broken necklaces and bracelets, lengthen, shorten, remodel and
make bespoke pieces to match your outfit.