Wardrobes are always incomplete without some fun pieces of jewellery and accessories. These accessories are absolute must haves for all the ladies out there. Jewellery and accessories can change the way you look with little or no effort at all for good. Bored of the same old style? Just add in some exclusive pieces, whether of jewellery, a scarf or a bag and you are good to go.

Modern, colourful and smart all year round, my collection of jewellery is fun, affordable and glamorous. Take a look through the site and you will find handmade beaded jewellery that is unusual yet appealing and will help you create your perfect ensemble. There is an assortment of bold and dramatic statement pieces in the form of semi-precious stone necklaces, drop earrings and charm bracelets and other accessories in a number of colours to match up perfectly well with all your outfits. Wearable and affordable necklaces, pretty earrings and bracelets to go with the necklaces and charm bracelets that suit your personality well - everything is covered.

Just throw the fashionable scarves around your neck and you will transform your look into something very chic. Madmacdesigns.co.uk provides you with fresh ideas and combinations so that what you wear will be noticed and will be used for many years. Colours and styles can be changed so your outfits always look different.

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 I repair broken necklaces and bracelets, lengthen, shorten, remodel and
make bespoke pieces to match your outfit.