MadMacDeasigns Glamorous, Affordable Jewellery BLA2853 Fimo black/silver decorated beads with black pearls and saucer spacers. Another unique beaded necklace that will carry you from daytime to night. 345 Necklaces BLA2860 Stunning black onyx faceted teardrops x 10 with faceted onyx ovals and tiny crystals - ideal for smart occasions and will be much admired! Old style clasp. 343 Necklaces BLA3838 Three sizes of black pearls and one large silver pearl with faceted crystals. 923 Necklaces BLA3942 Black heart with crystals and black and crystal rondelles. 536 Necklaces BLA5859 Black agate ovals with bling and crystal spacers. Enough to make you sparkle at the Christmas party! 918 Necklaces BLA5922 Black suede bag - always a perfect colour 895 Accessories BLA6491 Smart small handbag with long strap. Very neat. 20x9x23cms 1108 Accessories BLA6695 A fabulous black banded oval pendant is set off with black onyx beads and simple gold spacers. 2" Extension chain. 1189 Necklaces BLU3083 Five handpainted Kenyan beads on a silver chain. 524 Necklaces BLU3528 Angelite graded balls and silvered spacers. Delicate and very pretty colour. 444 Necklaces BLU3529 Striped agate balls with pendant and darker faceted blue agate spacers. Pendant drop 1.5" 442 Necklaces BLU5648/TATLER/November Blue electro-plated rock crystal nuggets with blue iris faceted crystals and gold spacers. Pendant with two pieces. 841 Necklaces BLU5700 Sodalite nuggets and barrels with sodalite tubes and buttons. Great with everything! 842 Necklaces BLU5882 Angeline balls with silver spacers. Very pretty blue. 930 Necklaces BLU6046 Bright blue wooden graded spikes with silver spacer balls and crystal beads. 962 Necklaces BLU6142 Stunning blue/bronze electroplated hematite teeth with large and small same nuggets. 1015 Necklaces BLU6498 Lapis lazuli balls in two sizes with gold tubes as spacers. Great with jeans! 1114 Necklaces BLU6701 Lapis balls with diamond shaped crystals and tiny silver spacers - good with a white shirt! 1195 Necklaces BRO2011 - Handbag - ON SALE Smart, fashionable clutch bag white/tan (does have shoulder straps). 52 Accessories BRO2937 - Necklace - ON SALE Mixed brown oval agate stones with matching spacer balls. 718 Necklaces BRO3815 Bronze crystals with diamante bow and pearl drop. Also available with silver crystals 485 Necklaces BRO4578 Chestnut brown glass pearls with tiny gold spacers. 615 Necklaces BRO5778 Taupe handbag - slightly smaller than the two toned ones. Plenty of pockets and zips. 888 Accessories BRO6467 Electroplated gold hematite chevron chain and 13 teeth make up this unusual necklace. 1093 Necklaces BRO6476 Five hanging variegated jasper stones with matching smaller ones and black faceted spacers. Really interesting markings makes this very unusual. 1101 Necklaces BRO6492 Donkey brown bag with over the shoulder handles and a long strap, inner and outer pockets, mobile phone pocket. 31x28x11cms 1109 Accessories BRO6494 Very elegant handbag with over the shoulder handles, long strap, inner pockets and mobile phone pocket. 32x29x11cms 1110 Accessories GOL2431 - Necklace Attractive gold/bronze dyed pearls with tiny same coloured ones as spacers. This charming beaded necklace ticks all the boxes - another modern and wearable necklace using pearls. 262 Necklaces GOL2902 - Necklace - ON SALE Gold vinyl flower pendant with various matchng beads and interlocking chain. 703 Necklaces GOL6322 Linked chain with interesting shapes 1035 Necklaces GOL6777 Simple graded pearl necklace. Very wearable! 1216 Necklaces GRE1910 - Necklace Glamorous faceted bright green jade with silver spacers. This crafted necklace is in a fresh, simple but delightful and wearable design. 67 Necklaces GRE2693 - ON SALE Semi precious beaded necklace with copper green turquoise pendant and peridot faceted abacus beads and red spacer beads. Pendant 1.5" 278 Necklaces GRE2705 - bracelet - ON SALE Faceted peridot stones with thick gold spacers. Elasticated. Trendy and easy to wear this semi precious beaded bracelet ticks all the boxes. 279 Accessories GRE4019 Aqua baroque pearls and crystal spacers with pendant. Earrings £5 925 Necklaces GRE5265 - Necklace - ON SALE Green aventurine balls with mother of pearl and green chips and silver spacers. 760 Necklaces GRE5326 Brilliant emerald suede bag. 892 Accessories GRE5679 Faceted green agate balls with dyed hematite wheels. 827 Necklaces GRE5875 French green agate balls with emerald spacers. 911 Necklaces GRE5891 Continuous line of green 'fingers'. Great colour! 940 Necklaces GRE5895 Jade faceted beads with green electro-plated hematite buttons. 899 Necklaces GRE6092 Various shaped jade nuggets with crystals and silver spacers. 996 Necklaces GRE6132 String of green electroplated hematite oblongs and squares with thirteen graded 'teeth'. Wonderful colour! 1010 Necklaces GRE6138 African blood jade nuggets with gold tubes and spacers. 999 Necklaces GRE6148 Stunning blue/green electroplated hematite graded teeth with tiny same coloured spacers. 1020 Necklaces GRE6315 Green amazonite balls in two sizes with silver spacers. 1034 Necklaces GRE6318 French agate balls in two sizes with silver wheel spacers. 1041 Necklaces GRE6319 Kenyan hand painted beads in varying shades of green with bronze spacers. 1037 Necklaces GRE6358 African blood jade nuggets with clear faceted crystal and silver spacers. 1061 Necklaces GRE6359 African blood jade nuggets with 'diamond' shaped spacers and hematite wheels. 1062 Necklaces GRE6414 Beautiful mixed green amazonite buttons with tiny silver flower spacers. Bracelet with magnet clasp. £4 1070 Necklaces GRE6461 Amazonite balls and barrels and matching diamond-shaped crystals. Such a beautiful soft colour - excellent with a white tee! 1089 Necklaces GRE6462 Amazonite barrels and balls with silver tubes make this necklace light and summery. 1090 Necklaces GRE6463 Amazonite balls and barrels and diamond shaped clear and silver spacers. A beautiful colour. 1091 Necklaces GRE6766 Dyed coin pearls in a beautiful peacock green. Eyecatching! 1206 Necklaces GRE6769 Simple necklace with small aventurine balls and silver tube spacers. Perfect for a grand-daughter, godchild, daughter! 1209 Necklaces GREY6497 Small smart handbag with long strap. Neat. 20x9x23cms 1113 Accessories GREY6635 Zigzag hematite necklace for when you don't know what to wear as it goes with everything! 1146 Necklaces GREY6692 A simple hematite necklace that will look good with every colour! Great with a shirt or tee 1186 Necklaces GREY6694 Labrodite with its wonderful flashes of blue and green catching the light. 1188 Necklaces Handbag - BLU5234 Faux leather shoulder/crossover body handbag. Zipped internal pockets. Also in dark red and bright red. Ht: 11" W: 9.5" Gusset: 2.5" 734 Accessories Handbag - BLU5255 Real italian suede mini shoulder bag. Very useful size. Also in purple, red, brown, pink, black and green. Ht: 7.5" W: 14" Gusset: 6" 724 Accessories Handbag - BRO3808....ON SALE Ladies leather style quilted satchel bag with outside pocket. Height: 10" Width: 12" Depth: 5" 455 Accessories Handbag - BRO3878 Brown coloured alligator print styled handbag with zip. Shoulder straps included. Very neat and elegant. Ht: 10" width: 15" Depth: 5" Also in tan 462 Accessories Handbag - BRO5237 Real italian suede mini shoulder bag. Very useful size. Also in red, blue, pink, purple, navy, black and green Ht: 7.5" W: 14" Gusset: 6" 726 Accessories Handbag - GRE5242 Mini crossover body handbag. Smart and colourful. Zipped outside and inside pockets. Double zip closure. Also in orange, black, turquoise and bright blue. Ht: 6.5" W: 8" Gusset: 3.5" 730 Accessories Handbag - PUR5253 Lovely purple handbag with gold chain and outside pocket. Shoulder strap part chain and part leather. Also in bright pink and red. Ht: 8" W: 11.75" Gusset: 3" 737 Accessories Handbag - PUR5254 Real italian suede mini shoulder bag. Very useful size. Also in brown, red, blue, black, green and pink. Ht: 7.5" W: 14" Gusset: 6" 721 Accessories Handbag - RED3804 Stunning ladies designer shopper bag with zip and shoulder straps. Height: 12.5" Width: 18.5 Depth: 6.25" Also in black 458 Accessories Handbag - RED5235 Real italian suede mini shoulder bag. Very useful size. Also in brown, pink, purple, blue, navy, green and black. H: 7.5" W: 14" Gusset: 6" 727 Accessories Handbag - RED5251 Faux leather shoulder/crossover body handbag in dark red. Internal zipped pockets. Also in blue and bright red. Ht: 11" W: 9.5" Gusset: 2.5" 732 Accessories Handbag - RED5252 Lovely bright red handbag with gold chain and shoulder straps part chain, part leather. Good size. Also in pink and purple. Ht: 8" W: 1.75" Gusset: 3" 736 Accessories Handbag/BLA3956 Black ladies designer shopping bag with zip and shoulder strap. Ht: 12.5" W: 18.5" Gusset: 6.25" Also in red 704 Accessories Handbag/BRO5226 Tan coloured alligator print bag with zip. Shoulder straps are included. Very neat and elegant. H: 10" W: 15" Gusset: 5" Also in brown, black red and nude 714 Accessories Handbag/GREY3051 Large satchel-style shopper with large metal clasp and zip. Includes long straps and zipped outer back pocket. Ht=10"; Wdth=12; Dpth=6" 355 Accessories Handbag/PIN5062 Lovely pink handbag with gold chain and outside pocket Also in red and purple Ht: 8" W: 11.75" Gusset: 3" 711 Accessories Handbag/PUR3009 Large handbag, briefcase style with gold metal clasp. Plenty of room! Appealing and attractive. Ht=10"; Wdth=14"; Dpth=5.5" 353 Accessories May Birthstone - MUL3928 Chrysoprase necklace with turquoise balls. A statement necklace for those May birthdays! 473 Necklaces MUL 6048 Magnasite turquoise faceted roundels and tubes with cracked square rock crystal spacers. 943 Necklaces MUL1939 - Necklace This crafted necklace has pleasing cracked rock crystal dyed green, orange, yellow and white balls. A bright and wearable modern necklace. 37 Necklaces MUL2098 - Bracelet 5 fun and bright enamel handbags on a link chain bracelet. Handbags may vary. Other charms available. Photos can be emailed to you. Please note that all charms are attached with rings rather than clip ons to make them more secure. Price includes P&P. 74 Accessories MUL2270 - Bracelet Fun piece of costume jewellery. These 5 enamel charms on a sweetie bracelet are a trendy and individual present. Other charms available. Photos can be emailed to you. Please note that all charms are attached with rings rather than clips to make them more secure. 177 Accessories MUL2737 - Necklace - ON SALE Variegated picasso jasper ovals and buttons and matching pendant. 719 Necklaces MUL2866 Glass chillies with large black faceted crystals and bright green glass balls. 659 Necklaces MUL2916 Five handpainted Kenyan beads hanging from a chain. 520 Necklaces MUL3505A Coral barrels and tiny balls with black saucer spacers. Differs slightly from MUL3505 936 Necklaces MUL3534 Various semi-precious tubes with hematite balls and magnet clasp. Interesting, light and very wearable! 441 Necklaces MUL4045 Turquoise and opaque balls with tiny silver spacers. 747 Necklaces MUL4573 Rose pink glass pearls with pale pink freshwater pearls as spacers. 614 Necklaces MUL4587 Amethyst balls and small nuggets with rose quartz nuggets. 621 Necklaces MUL4847 Faceted garnet balls with three tiny garnet balls as spacers. Same as MUL4846 937 Necklaces MUL5196 Silver heart with snowflake chain of gold and silver. Also with gold heart 674 Necklaces MUL5557 Turquoise ovals and rectangles with green faceted crystals as spacers. 807 Necklaces MUL5677 Small lemon jade nuggets with gold cylinder spacers. 828 Necklaces MUL5683 Dyed pink banded agate balls with tiny silver spacers. 830 Necklaces MUL5849 Multicoloured little agate buttons. 897 Necklaces MUL5865 Five large black/white squares (one a pendant) with matching ovals as spacers and faceted black flower spacers. Unusual! 916 Necklaces MUL5869 Dyed turquoise barrels and an interlocking hematite chain make this necklace interesting. 935 Necklaces MUL5878 French agate buttons in mixed colours. Goes with everything! 910 Necklaces MUL5892 Black and white 'marble' discs with black tubes and faceted spacers. 917 Necklaces MUL5916 Handpainted beads in yellows and browns - each one unique. 905 Necklaces MUL5939 Green pendant with tubes, beads and crystals. 907 Necklaces MUL5958 Faux grey pearls - and one white - with faceted crystals and hematite cubes. 968 Necklaces MUL6040 Three strands of freshwater pearls - red/white, pink and red/pink - with extension chain closure. 958 Necklaces MUL6069 An unusual silver bar with frosted fuschia agate balls and silver tubes and tyres. 971 Necklaces MUL6071 Faceted pink kyanite balls with gold patterned tubes. 973 Necklaces MUL6109 Amethyst and rose quartz with different shaped and sized crystals and two stones as a pendant. Matching elasticated bracelet. £10.00 991 Necklaces MUL6111 Oval granite stones with various red spacers. Makes an interesting necklace! 985 Necklaces MUL6116 Pretty pale pink and grey pearls with silver tubes and spacers. This summer's colours! Earrings @ £5 1006 Necklaces MUL6344 African turquoise balls and nuggets with silver spacers. 1046 Necklaces MUL6349 Dalmation jasper balls with diamond shaped black spacers. 1047 Necklaces MUL6353 Amazonite balls in two sizes and 'diamond 'shaped spacers with tubes. 1056 Necklaces MUL6412 'Giraffe' long tubes with bronze crystals and self giraffe 'buttons' as spacers. Earrings £5 1081 Necklaces MUL6413 Large black pearl with grey pearls and diamond-shaped silvered spacers. 1069 Necklaces MUL6417 Pretty green agate beads with little gold flower spacers. 1073 Necklaces MUL6453 Pretty randomly mixed pinks and white pearls. Pink is huge this summer! 1082 Necklaces MUL6454 Colourful randomly placed purple, pink and white pearls. Great holiday necklace! 1083 Necklaces MUL6455 Pretty randomly placed purple, pink and white pearls. Great summery necklace. 1084 Necklaces MUL6465 Pretty green beads with crystal and aventurine balls as spacers. 1092 Necklaces MUL6470 Matt picasso jasper nuggets with diamond shaped silvered spacers and tiny pink flower spacers. 1096 Necklaces MUL6471 Three large discs of weathered agate with faceted smaller spacer beads. Unusual and eye-catching! 1097 Necklaces MUL6480 Matt picasso jasper nuggets with diamond shaped silvered crystal spacers and red faceted 'velvet' beads. Lovely markings. 1104 Necklaces MUL6488 Fun handbag in three colours. Over the shoulderhandles and long strap, inner pockets and mobile phone pocket. Elegant and fun. 26x30x9cms 1105 Accessories MUL6490 Lovely unusual quarter-coloured bag - very elegant! Over the shoulder handles, long strap, inner pockets and mobile phone pocket. 31x30x11cms 1107 Accessories MUL6496 Bicoloured handbag. Very elegant with over the shoulder handles, a long strap, inner pockets and a mobile phone pocket. 32x29x11cms 1112 Accessories MUL6499 Round opals with hematite six-sided spacers. 1115 Necklaces MUL6505 Variegated amazonite beads and rondelles. 1121 Necklaces MUL6508 Very elegant handbag with PINK! - this 'must have' summer colour. Over the shoulder handles, long strap and inner pockets. Black insets. 26x30x9 cms 1124 Accessories MUL6509 Half white, half blue and a lovely summery colour. Over the shoulder handles, long strap, inner pockets and a zipped closure. 32x29x11 cms 1125 Accessories MUL6529 Two pinks make up this necklace with crystal spacers. 1135 Necklaces MUL6531 Pretty delicate double strand of pink, white and fuschia pearls. Easy to wear! 1137 Necklaces MUL6532 Pretty pink pearl necklace with the added interest of two large white beads and small silver spacers. 1138 Necklaces MUL6533 Fuschia pearls and pale rose quartz balls with small silver spacers. 1139 Necklaces MUL6534 Fuschia pearls and pale rose quartz balls with small silver spacers. 1140 Necklaces MUL6600 Lovely sea colours with little green dyed hematite spacers making this a great holiday necklace! 1170 Necklaces MUL6601 Graded Rain Flower blue and green beads with gold spacers - startling bright colours! 1166 Necklaces MUL6602 Charming soft coloured blue/green agate beads with white faceted spacer beads. Delicate! 1169 Necklaces MUL6603 Rain flower pink and green beads with bright green dyed turquoise beads. Cheerful! 1165 Necklaces MUL6605 Rain flower pink and green beads with bright green dyed turquoise beads. Colourful! 1167 Necklaces MUL6634 Two sizes of glass pearls with pretty gold spacers. Covers every occasion! 1145 Necklaces MUL6647 Hematite tubes with small amazonite balls. Subtle!! 1157 Necklaces MUL6651 Wonderful chunky aventurine beads with dark green pearls as spacers. 1161 Necklaces MUL6667 Tiny seed pearls and amethyst faceted beads. Simple and appealing! 1172 Necklaces MUL6668 Tiny seed pearls and faceted pink sapphire beads. Enchanting. 1173 Necklaces MUL6669 Tiny seed pearls and peridot faceted beads. Simple and appealing - for a grand-daughter? 1174 Necklaces MUL6671 Freshwater pearls and genuine emerald beads make up this pretty necklace. 1176 Necklaces MUL6674 Rose quartz nuggets and chips with gold spacers. Eyecatching! 1179 Necklaces MUL6697 Pink banded pendant with great matching faceted and smooth balls and tiny gold spacers. Unusual and interesting. 1191 Necklaces MUL6704 Fun pendant on a thick silver snake chain. 1198 Necklaces MUL6765 Casilica squares and balls. Fun! Colourful! Attractive! 1204 Necklaces MUL6770 Simple rice pearl necklace with black discs and gold spacers. Useful! 1210 Necklaces MUL6771 Tubes with green hematite squares. Perfect for a grand-daughter, godchild, daughter! 1211 Necklaces MUL6774 Potato pearls with small aventurine balls and silver spacers. Simple and elegant 1213 Necklaces MUL6801 Hot pink and black agate nuggets with black faceted spacers. Fun and colourful. 1219 Necklaces MUL6802 Hot pink and black agate nuggets with pendant and black spacers. Great colour! 1220 Necklaces MUL6805 Blue and black agate nuggets with black spacers. Eyecatching! 1223 Necklaces MUL6809 Rose quartz balls and hematite coffee coins make an unusual combination. Eyecatching! 1227 Necklaces MUL6811 Rainflower stones in a stunning mix of colours with gold spacers. To be noticed! 1229 Necklaces MUL781 Five various pink/red tassels on gold tubes and spacers. Magnet closure. Tassels are all around and here there is no exception! Earrings £6 1231 Necklaces October birthstone - Opal/BLU2813 Opal teardrops and pearls with pale blue faceted crystal glass beads. Striking, stylish and sparkling! Matching earrings @ £7.00 322 Necklaces ORA6057 Carnelian ovals with grey hematite spacer beads and gold rings. Magnet closure. 966 Necklaces ORA6800 Simple orange coral beads - great with holiday tan, tee and white trousers! 1218 Necklaces ORA6810 Salmon pink turquoise balls with gold spacers. Not really pink at all!! 1228 Necklaces PIN1918 - Necklace - ON SALE Stunning faceted purple heart and two faceted circles with pink rectangles and balls and silver spacers. A bright, fun inexpensive necklace. Pendant 1.5" 59 Necklaces PIN2292 - Bracelet Fun individual elasticated bracelet with 5 charms. Other charms are available. Photos can be emailed to you. Please note that all charms are attached with rings rather than clip ons to make them more secure. Price includes P&P. 180 Accessories PIN4025 Two sizes of pink pearls with gold spacers. 19.25" 477 Necklaces PIN5775 ON SALE Same size as the two toned handbags. Plenty of pockets and zips! 886 Accessories PIN6068 Rose quartz faceted stones with silver hematite spacers. 970 Necklaces PIN6418 Pretty pink agate balls with diamond shaped crystals with a loop instead of a pendant. Earrings £5 1074 Necklaces PIN6459 Pretty pink beads with crystal and rose quartz spacers. Unusual and attractive. 1087 Necklaces PIN6521 Pretty pink pearl necklace - definitely the colour this summer. 1129 Necklaces PIN6640 Pink rain flower graded beads with hematite spacers. Cheer up a dark day! 1150 Necklaces PIN6673 Bright pink large pearls with five pink 'bling' beads. Great colour! 1178 Necklaces PIN6675 Pretty pastel pink/white agate beads with silver spacers. Subtle gentle colour. 1180 Necklaces PIN6690 Bright pink faux pearls with 4 pink 'bling' rondelles. Takes you from day to evening without changing! 1184 Necklaces PIN6700 These necklaces have been so popular - ideal for holidays with a white tee or shirt and light to pack and wear! 1194 Necklaces PIN6806 Pink howlite balls and tubes in a simple design. Summer-y! 1224 Necklaces PUR2357 - necklace - ON SALE 5 cotton woven striped balls in purple and cream with pink faceted crystals, tubes and spacers. 317 Necklaces PUR2357 - Necklace - ON SALE This beaded necklace with purple and cream striped woven cotton balls and purple crystals, silver pipes and spacers is colourful and fun with a modern design and inexpensive so ideal for holidays. 229 Necklaces PUR3501 Deep rich purple amethyst balls with pearls and rock crystal and thin silvered spacers. Lovely colour! 426 Necklaces PUR4588 Amethyst balls with smaller nuggets and rock crystal ovals. 601 Necklaces PUR5880 Amethyst nuggets and chunky spacers with matching bracelet. Bracelet £10 902 Necklaces PUR6472 Purple banded agate pendant with matching tubes and silver wavey tubes and spacers. Great colour! 1098 Necklaces PUR6475 Large purple banded agate pendant with matching buttons and tubes and gold hematite spacers. 1100 Necklaces PUR6479 Large purple banded agate pendant with matching button spacers and tubes and tiny silver spacers. 1103 Necklaces PUR6646 Large ceramic beads with pale pink pearls and little silver spacers and tubes. Eyecatching! 1156 Necklaces PUR6655 Large ceramic beads with purple banded rondelles and purple hematite spacers and silver straight tubes. Different! 1164 Necklaces PUR6807 Frosted fire agate squares and matte purple quartz balls with gold spacers. Terrific colour and texture. 1225 Necklaces PUR6808 Frosted fire agate squares and matte purple quartz balls with silver tubes and spacers. Great colour! 1226 Necklaces RED2271 - Bracelet 4 cheery enamel charms on an individual link chain bracelet. Charms may vary. Other charms available. Photos can be emailed to you. Please note all charms are attached with rings rather than clip ons to make them more secure. Price includes P&P. 75 Accessories RED5850 Dark red interlocking chain with unusual link pendant. Very useful and light to wear. 901 Necklaces RED5904 Lovely dark winter red suede bag. 894 Accessories RED6645 Red beads with gold spacers to cheer up a dull day! 1155 Necklaces SIL2290 - Bracelet Stunning South African silvered copper bracelet. Fits any wrist. Bright and cheery these bracelets draw lots of attention and are a modern ornamental piece for any arm! Price includes P&P. 179 Accessories SIL2294 - Bracelet Stunning South African silvered copper bracelet. Fits any wrist. These fashionable fun bracelets look good on any arm! Price includes P&P. 178 Accessories SIL6054 Bracelet with silver knot design and bling magnet closure. 941 Accessories SIL6144 Silvered hematite graded teeth with large nuggets and smaller ones at back. 1018 Necklaces SIL6772 Hematite hoops with silvered crystals in each. 1212 Necklaces SIL6776 Little hematite hearts necklace for a special young lady! 1215 Necklaces TUR 6105 Turquoise bracelet with gold spacers. Magnet closure. 990 Accessories TUR 6803 Blue Howlite balls, tyres and ovals. So pretty and colourful. 1221 Necklaces TUR2383 - Necklace - ON SALE Two tone turquoise and navy woven cotton beads with turquoise balls faceted crystals and silver spacers. Ideal to take on holiday! 720 Necklaces TUR5772 ON SALE Two toned handbag. Good size with lots of pockets and zips 883 Accessories TUR6032 Large turquoise beads with square howlite spacer beads. Great holiday wear! 955 Necklaces TUR6038 Bright turquoise beads with crystals and turquoise square spacers. Great holiday wear! 954 Necklaces TUR6501 Fun chunky turquoise nuggets with smaller 'wheels' and silver spacers. Great for summer. 1117 Necklaces TUR6502 Large turquoise pendant with various beads and chips and white dyed magnesium spacers. 1118 Necklaces TUR6519 Stunning pendant and various sized balls and wheels with dyed magnesium rondelles as spacers. 1128 Necklaces TUR6524 Turquoise 'teeth' with interesting and unusual gold spacers. 1131 Necklaces TUR6649 Unusual turquoise necklace with groups of 'teeth', barrels and hematite 'flower' spacers. 1159 Necklaces TUR6650 Howlite barrels with hematite spacers. Simple and easy to wear. 1160 Necklaces TUR6804 Blue Howlite balls, ovals and barrels. Simple and elegant. Lovely colour. 1222 Necklaces WHI 6779 Double stranded tiny pearl necklace with ext. chain 1217 Necklaces WHI6632 Large white faux pearls - plain and simple! 1143 Necklaces WHI6767 Very delicate rice pearl necklace with faceted 'diamond' crystals and a pretty clasp. 1207 Necklaces YEL6066 Yellow jade in different sizes and shapes with gold patterned tubes. 978 Necklaces YEL6643 Various yellow jade beads with tiny spacers and silver wavey tubes. Colourful! 1153 Necklaces